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While you’re here, please read on to learn a bit more about me and why I launched SoSo Assistant at this time in my life.

This is My Story

When my youngest daughter turned a year old I returned to work full-time. A year later, I was a single mum, working a full-time job to provide for my young family.

That was 2011. In 2014, facing the possibility of redundancy, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to start up a new, independent newspaper with three colleagues.

It was a dream come true and it was one of the most exciting times of my life, but also one of the most difficult.

As well as nurturing my young children, running a home, looking after a menagerie of pets and all the other responsibilities we all face, I now had the added responsibility of getting a fledgling business off the ground.

And the actual writing and editing a newspaper – the job I knew and loved – was only a tiny proportion of what I had to do each day.

I know first hand how impossible it can be to concentrate on the “day job” – the core business that you set out to run and that you love – when there is so much else vying for your attention.

Invoicing, payroll, email, scheduling, marketing, reporting, filing, setting up systems, updating your website, posting on social media – so much to do, so little time.

And that’s without the added pressures of arranging a plumber to fix the leaky shower at home, take the cat to the vet, organising a weekend away, booking the car in for an MoT and remembering Mum’s birthday.

If only I’d had a pound for everytime I said “I wish I had a personal assistant”. Instead, we muddled through at work, learning new skills on-the-fly and just “making do”, while I relied heavily on family and friends to pick up the slack on the home front.

So, now the newspaper has found its feet and is on solid ground, I am spreading my wings and venturing out again on a new (ad)venture as a virtual assistant.

I want to help you get back to doing what you love, by doing what I love and using the skills I have learned from experience.

Years of experience as a journalist and page designer, as well as a stint as a web editor, stand me in good stead with a range of skills in my locker to help those struggling to juggle the demands of doing it all.

If that’s you, let’s get connected. Contact me now to find out how I can help you oust the overwhelm.

Return the Favour

Now you know a little bit more about me, it’s your turn . . .

Taking those first steps into starting up my own business was one of the hardest things I have ever done – wondering if I could provide a stable income to keep a roof over my children’s head and clothes on their back.

But not a day goes by when I don’t thank my lucky stars for the opportunity.

Now I want to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to experience that euphoria of achieving their dreams – and that starts with having the right people on your side and fighting your corner.

SoSo Assistant is there to provide that back-up, with the skills and experience to lend a hand with a wide range of business tasks.

I would love to hear your stories about where you are in your business and what is standing in your way of real success.

Get in touch now and let’s get SoSo Connected.


Virtual Assistant | Designer | Writer | Entrepreneur


SoSo Group founder and director of SoSo Assistant.

My current focus is on growing the SoSo Group, which as well as SoSo Assistant also includes SoSo Media, SoSo Special and

My day to day work includes providing administrative support for overwhelmed business people, such as calendar, schedule, email and CRM management, as well as more specialised services such as website design, branding and graphic design and content creation for websites, blogs, social media or corporate reports and other literature.

Kick assing SoSo Life and Business Coach

As a newly-qualified life and business coach I am now in a position to help people achieve their full potential, whether in their personal or professional life – mainly by giving them a swift boot up the backside!

Co-founder, director and production editor of the Spalding and South Holland Voice

With over 20 years experience in newspapers, I am currently a co-owner of a free, independent newspaper in my home town of Spalding, Lincolnshire. I am still heavily involved in the newspaper, bringing experience of page design, proofreading, graphic design for advertisements, news and feature reporting and production, as well as taking a hands-on business management and leadership role.

Director of Rant Media marketing and design company

As the parent company of the Spalding Voice, Rant is carving a niche for itself offering marketing services, including website design and management, PR and social media management to businesses within its circulation area in the south of Lincolnshire.


Reporter/Deputy News Editor

Leading a team of reporters, interviewing, researching and writing accurate, concise, informative and entertaining news and feature stories.

Sub Editor/Chief Sub-Editor

Inter-department liaison, page design, graphic design, proof-reading, production, headline and caption writing.

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