Out of Office & At Home

SoSo Assistant knows that building and running a business can play havoc with your home life.

Juggling the demands of your business and taking care of those little jobs at home that need your attention can soon have you longing for some time out.

As well as helping you manage your business, SoSo Assistant can also take some of the pressure off by taking on some of those out of office tasks.

Important Events

Never again find yourself rushing to the filling station for a sorry bunch of flowers because you haven’t had time to buy a birthday gift for a friend or loved one.

SoSo Assistant can create a calendar of important events in your life and remind you when they are approaching, as well as order suitable gifts and remind you to get your best suit dry cleaned.

We can even book a table at your favourite restaurant and arrange a taxi  for you and your guests.

Home Maintenance

Do you have a dripping tap, a leaky roof, need new windows or a garden makeover but you never get round to contacting the professionals to come and sort it out.

SoSo Assistant can call around local tradesmen to compare prices and arrange a suitable time for them to get the job done.

If you are thinking of a bigger project such as an extension, we can also liaise with architects, builders and the local authority on your behalf.

Looking after you

When was the last time you visited the dentist or the optician? Or do you never get round to making an appointment to see your GP for that niggling problem, a routine screening or just a general health MOT.

SoSo Assistant will pick up the phone and make those appointments at a time convenient for you – and then add them to your calendar and remind you as they approach.

We can also book hair, beauty and therapy appointments – to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Things you care about

As well as ensuring you are in tip-top health and looking your best, we can also take care of the people and things you care about.

We can arrange family days out, organise vet and grooming appointments for your pets or book your car in for its service or MOT.

Social and leisure activities don’t happen by accident when you have a business to take care of, so SoSo can also arrange gym memberships, book exercise classes, sign you for art classes or book a squash court or tee time at the golf course,

It's time to ditch the dross and start living the dream.

Don't waste any more time on stuff that isn't part of the "big business plan".

SoSo Assistant can take the boring administrative stuff or the techie online stuff off your hands so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Talk to me now about being your virtual fairy godmother.