SoSo Assistant

Your Virtual Superstar.

A Helping Hand

SoSo Assistant is a virtual helping hand for you and your business. Outsource the tasks that take you away from your core business, such as admin and marketing. Or concentrate on your business and let me take care of home stuff such as booking restaurants or arranging appointments.

Problem Solver

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that our services meet your exact needs. We know there is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution and every business is different. We will use our skills and expertise to ensure the best fit for you and your business.

Flexible and affordable

Unlike employing a member of staff, you only pay for what you need. SoSo Assistant operates on a fixed hourly rate and we carefully log the time spent on each task and bill you accordingly. Alternatively there is a ‘retainer’ package, where you buy a set number of hours a month.

Professional and reliable

SoSo Assistant’s professional approach and commitment to doing exactly what we say we will do, when we say we’ll do it will make the process of outsourcing key elements of your business to an outsider seem less scary. You can count on us to get things done to your exacting standards.

How It Works

When you contact us about outsourcing work to us, our first step is to have an in-depth fact-finding chat, either by Skype, phone or even email to ensure we are completely clear what it is you want us to do.

SoSo Assistant will then put in writing a proposal, outlining the scope of our work, a timescale and the payment structure we have agreed.

Once both sides have agreed the proposal we can start working for you.

As a Virtual service, we may never meet face-to-face, but we hope you will soon consider us as a valued member of your work team as we endeavour to stay in touch every step of the way to ensure our work meets your standards.

We will never go over the agreed hours without your consent, so there will never be any nasty surprises when it comes to the cost and we will always try to give an upfront estimate of how long a task is likely to take.

We log all time spent on tasks, so you can see exactly where our time (and your money!) was spent.


Software and online accounts

Depending on the work we do for you we may need access to your software packages and online accounts. This could be for CRM, email and schedule management, or for social media and website management.

You may need to set SoSo Assistant up as an additional user or give us access to your login details.

We are committed to maintaining your security and any passwords will be securely stored.

Remote access

In some situations we may need access to your office compuer systems to enable us to work for you.

SoSo Assistant currently has a subscription to the GotomyPC service and we are happy to walk you through the process of setting up your computer so we can work on it.

Alternatively we are happy to adopt any services or software you already use, although any costs incurred will be the client’s responsibility.

Property ownership

Any  piece of work we create for you becomes yours once it has been signed off and payment is received in full.

This means we will provide designs for you in any format, such as pdf, psd or ai so you can use them however or wherever you choose.

If we create a website for you, the domain will be registered in your name and we will provide login details for a secure cpanel so you retain control of your site.


Ready to take the next step and let SoSo Assistant take care of business for you?